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Greg LeClair

As a partner with Thomas Butler LLP since 1994, Greg LeClair has handled hundreds of ICBC/Auto injury claims and family law disputes.  His practice extends throughout British Columbia.

In his ICBC/Auto injury practice, Greg's goal is to maximize the client's compensation for their injuries.  Greg only acts for the injured, not ICBC.  Greg's experience includes resolving claims for everything from complex head injuries to whiplash and chronic pain claims.

In his family law practice, Greg focuses on the financial aspects of family law disputes.  Greg's experience includes drafting complex financial agreements for separating couples, including division of family companies and family trust values.

Although Greg's focus in any dispute or claim is to negotiate a settlement as quickly as possible, sometimes matters cannot be settled and litigation is required. Greg has conducted nearly 100 court trials in his 28 years of practice, including jury trials.  Greg has appeared as lead counsel at all levels of court in B.C., including Provincial Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Tax Court (General Division) and Federal Court (Trial Division) .

Greg's practice style lends itself to helping clients during the whole legal process. From simply providing one-time legal consultation to taking full conduct of a file involving complex litigation. From assisting the client in drafting legal documents, to providing consulting services to the client who wishes to represent themselves in court. From opening negotiations to drafting a final settlement agreement and everything in-between. It all depends on the client's need and comfort level. Greg can assist the client as little or as much as they want. A client can be confident in knowing that Greg will be there for them at any stage of the legal process.

Our goal is the same as our client's - to obtain the best possible outcome.  This is what we do.



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