Our partnership originated in 1983

And we've been building relationships with clients ever since.

If you are a client, you're one of the family.  The lawyers and staff at Thomas Butler LLP are dedicated to serving your legal needs. We want to see you succeed, to have a positive experience, and to feel that you have personal access to a professional you can count on.

Our client-centred approach has earned us a positive reputation among satisfied clients, our colleagues in the legal community, and other professionals.

Expertise.  We restrict our practice to a limited number of areas so that our clients are being supported by people who are expert in their fields.  Clients that have requirements outside our areas of expertise are referred to leading lawyers in their fields that we trust.

Availability.  Work and life are busy these days, no?  It's no surprise to us that people can't always attend to their legal affairs during our office hours.  That's why we have structured our working arrangements so that your needs can be attended to even if they come at odd hours.  We won't abandon you when the office closes.

Communication.  Legal matters can sometimes be complex.  We are here to explain things in a way that is easily understood.  Also, getting in touch with us is easy, whether by phone, email or text. All our contact information is on this site.

Relationships.  The conclusion of your matter is not the conclusion of our relationship.  Consider us your first resource for all your legal needs as they arise. Whether you see us once every few years or every month, you have established an ongoing professional relationship with us

People skills.  We're professional listeners who enjoy what we do.  It shows in our positive attitudes and the way we treat our clients. We aim to ensure you have a positive experience.

Value for money.  People want some assurance that they are paying competitive rates.  Just like many of our business clients, we too are subject to competitive pressures that ensure our fees reflect the Okanagan marketplace and that our accounts are commensurate with the complexity or simplicity of the matter.